Caitlin (ladysapphire) wrote in known_by_love,


I have a huge favor to ask of all of you. I just joined this community because I am doing some sould searching and need a place to get some information. Let me tell you about myself. I am 21 and was raise in a house where religion wasn't really present, but both sides of family is catholic. I have always been curious with religion and even though no one else in my family prayed, I prayed and asked God for help. I am dating a wonderful man, we have been together for two and 1/2 years, he was raised byzantine catholic. We started to go to a byzantine catholic church near by, but it wasn't for me and the people there weren't very welcoming. Anyways.. to cut to the chase. We are looking for a new church that isn't catholic (its not for us). The problem is I couldn't tell you the difference between baptist, methodist or presbeteryian. If someone who is very knowlegable about these religions could post back to me and tell me as much about them as possible, including things like whether the church is pro-life/pro-choice and their veiws on homosexuality I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much

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